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Terms and conditions under this agreement, the payment processing services for services purchased on this website are provided by Preference Pass Holding Ltd Ireland. In the event you choose to pay with credit card the payment will be processed via PayPal Ireland, Stripe or Braintree. These terms are an agreement between you and Preference Pass Holdings Ltd Ireland. Rates listed are exclusively valid for the inquired dates and will if necessary be updated at time of booking. They are subject to change at short notice by the suppliers and we will inform you of such change at time of booking. Upon making a purchase it becomes necessary for you to give your authorization to run the corresponding charge on your credit card and by this you declare to have full knowledge of our Reservation and Payment Policies, Disclaimer and Cancellation Policies. All reservations are subject to availability existing at the moment of your request. No confirmation can be issued until our supplier has confirmed availability. In some cases our suppliers have problems outside of their normal control which results in them having to cancel a booked and confirmed service. In the unlikely case that a supplier took a payment in advance to confirm the booking, you will be entitled to a full refund by the supplier. Preference Pass are not responsible either for your payment to the supplier, or for you reimbursement in case the supplier cancels, however, we will support you in your endeavors to obtain a refund and if necessary delist the supplier if they act in a way which we deem against our customers best interests. Please note that this verification and confirmation process may take up to, and never more than, 24 hours. In order to avoid inconveniences, please make a printout of your reservation voucher and have it ready for check-in to the reserved service. Should a change to a confirmed reservation be needed, please contact your assigned preference pass toll free number and have your reservation and/or confirmation number handy. We strongly suggest reading the CANCELLATION POLICIES section hereinafter. Any changes are subject to availability and rate adjustments when necessary. Our CANCELLATION POLICIES are applicable at all times without exception.

PAYMENT POLICIES: The amount corresponding to your purchase will be immediately charged to your credit card. Please bear in mind that your credit card billing statement will show "Preference Pass Holding Ltd" as the company responsible for all charges. VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS and all other payments methods are welcome. The currency in which service rates are quoted on the website is US dollars, in which case the specific currency will be readily specified for your easy identification statement. cannot be held responsible for this variation and upon accepting the PAYMENT POLICIES you acknowledge to have been informed of the exchange rate fluctuation and declare your agreement to the corresponding charge being made in US Dollars.

DISCLAIMER: is an advertising and booking platform for suppliers whose services are listed on the website. As such, creates the necessary connections in compliance with its own service and quality standards to advertize services such as, but not limited to, tours, restaurants, traveling, Doctors, shopping etc. Only the most reputable suppliers are selected for this purpose. However cannot be held liable for their acts, omission, wrong doing or other. Travel services are subject to the conditions set by those suppliers, and their liability may, in turn, be limited by their tariffs and conditions of service. acts only in its role of agent for the client or for the supplier of the goods and services rendered and as such, does not keep any legal authority or control over the operator’s Personnel, assets, operation and/or property. herewith declares that,

Despite our close communication with our selected group of service suppliers, there is still a possibility that changes on the rates may occur without notice. As some of the rates become expired and cannot be timely updated by the operator to your immediate convenience, regularly runs a rates verification process which may yield differences between the price you have paid for your reservation and the price you need to pay to actually enjoy the service. When an updated rate happens to be lower than the originally offered to you, will only charge the lower amount. When an updated price is higher than the originally quoted price, will have a Travel Consultant inform you of the specific variation and the resulting balance that needs to be covered. Should you not agree to the correct amount and decide to cancel upon the circumstances, will honor you cancellation request without penalization. and its service suppliers will also be released from any responsibility towards compensations that the client may claim and will not be considered liable for any inconveniences arising from the said rate difference and/or cancellation.

-Disclaimer "U.S. Citizens"/Cuba- If you are a citizen of the United States of America (USA), or a company controlled or under the ownership of a body of the USA, and therefore relevant to the program administered by The Cuban Assets Control Regulations (“CACR”), and under the regulation 31. C.F.R. § S15, or you are prohibited from acquiring tourist services to Cuba. In the event of acquiring any tourist service to Cuba of those offered on this site, you declare and will be responsible for complying with all the requirements provided under said regulation and any corresponding law, rule or regulation established for that purpose by the USA and/or the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Controls (“OFAC”).

Upon booking a tour, activity, or anything else on the customer accepts that preference pass assumes no responsibility whatsoever towards covering any liability the customer might incur in case of accident, fatalities, theft, damage to property, or any other unfortunate event which might happen during, before, or after carrying out the activity, service, or anything else booked through, any of its subsidiaries, representatives, suppliers and associates. It is the customers’ responsibility to obtain the level of insurance cover they desire, in order to cover them against any such eventuality. The customer should check at the time of booking the risks they might be occurring and whether the supplier company they are booking with has the adequate safety equipment, equipment, maintenance and anything else they might deem necessary prior to deciding whether to book. Preference pass will provide them with the information they request, where available, or put them in contact with the supplier for them to decide whether to proceed with a booking. Such a request must be made in writing via email to If they do not, they are proceeding at their entire risk and agree to release Preference pass from any liability whatsoever towards any problem, accident, fatality, delay, damage, theft, fire, or any other problem which might occur as a direct, or indirect result of the booking.

CANCELLATION POLICIES: All cancellation requests must be addressed in writing to with the transactions number as the basic reference. In case of tours and any other service: At the moment of reserving, specific cancellation policies by the operator to which you are requesting will automatically be displayed for your information. The following are general cancellation policies which are applicable for all payments.

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